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Cave Exploring: The Definitive Guide to Caving Technique, Safety, Gear, and Trip Leadership

This book is an introduction to safe cave exploration. The main focus to provide a solid foundation so beginners can explore safely and with the right techniques and gear. The book discusses how to deal with the majority of hazards that can be encountered and how to handle emergency situations. There is a brief orientation to cave maps, where to find them, and how to read them to help keep you from getting lost.

The book includes the basics of how different caves form and what interesting things you can expect to find in them as well as why caves are important. Some aspects of cave geology, biology, and hydrology are covered along with some special topics such as White Nose Syndrome in bats.

For those who have done some caving, the book introduces the basics of cave camping, ice caving, and technical ropework for exploration. For these advanced topics, there are additional resources outlined in the book for those who want to pursue more challenging situations.

This is the only book on cave exploration that contains a section on trip leadership. There are important discussions on how to be an effective trip leader and how to be a good member of the team. This section also provides some advice on how to handle difficult team dynamics both on the surface and underground.

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