Open House

Welcome to the 2021 Chaco Rocks and Minerals Open House. As we did last year, 10% of all profits from this event will go to support the Foodbank of Alaska. Even if you do not decide to add to your collection, please consider donating to them directly following the link above or to your local food bank.

This year, we are featuring more than 500 specimens on this site and a special 10% discount from our inventory on Etsy ( Use coupon code ChacoOpenHouse2021 at checkout (for total purchases over $20).

If you are looking for crocheted items, earrings, and other crafts, we have many listed in our companion Etsy shop ChacoCraftsAlaska.

Use Coupon Code ChacoOpenHouse2021 for 10% off everything on this site except for items already on sale and in the Bargain Basement section.